Honolulu Night Market

Not much in life beats being wrapped in a warm breeze and sipping a cocktail under a tropical moon. Add music, food, fashion, art and a crowd of friendly people enjoying the evening as much as you are, and you’ve got the makings of a superior night out.

Honolulu Night Market The Honolulu Night Market happens every third Saturday from 6-11 p.m. Performances, activities and vendors are located in the area bordered by Auahi, Keawe and Coral Streets, a light-industrial zone in Kakaako that’s being re-invented by entrepreneurs, artists, designers and other innovators. Many of the surrounding warehouses and buildings are embellished by striking murals that set the tone for this creative neighborhood and form a pitch-perfect backdrop for the event, which is designed to showcase fresh perspectives and talent.

Honolulu Night MarketIn addition to the staples of live music, food vendors and a beer garden, recent night markets featured dance, improv, and musical-theater performances; fashion shows; freestyle motocross, and a futsal tournament. The Pinch of Salt warehouse is stocked with pop-up shops offering clothing and accessories from local retailers and designers, including tempting fashions from Andy South, Cassandra Rull, and Bamboo Sky boutique.


Personal favorite find: cheerful totes cleverly designed by MonstieShop for shopping at farmer’s markets. They’re durable, easy to clean and have a long, lean shape that hangs from your arm by two broad straps, letting you comfortably carry a bounty of produce without crushing it.

Honolulu Night MarketOne of Hawaii’s most under-utilized features is the fact that outdoor nightlife is possible year-round. Get your share of tropical evening air, island entertainment, and local shopping by checking out the next Honolulu Night Market on Saturday, September 21.

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